Backflow Testing Logan

What is a Backflow device?

Commonly known in the plumbing industry as Reduced Pressure Valve (RPZ), a backflow device is a device used to protect the water supply from contamination or pollution. When pressure fails or is reduced, as may happen in a burst water pipe, the pressure in the pipe may reduce and may allow contaminated water from the ground or a storage unit wilth untreated water back into the potable water systems. With the installation of a backflow device on a water line that people will consume which has the potential to be contaminated, this backflow device will protect the water and make it safe for consuming.

Annual Backflow Testing

As part of our backflow testing in Logan, we recommend that the backflow valve has to be tested yearly. After testing all forms must be sent to the local council. If valves are not tested the council have the authority to take action against the owner.

Council Forms

There are Australian Standards and guidelines that have to be followed for the installation and testing of a Backflow device. After testing, forms will be sent to the local council as well as the client and also kept on our computer system. You, the client, will be called in the month prior to testing as a reminder for when testing needs to be carried out. 

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