Drain Cleaning Services Logan

Blocked Drains LoganSimply Drains is Logan Plumbing’s drain cleaning service!

At Simply Drains, we have a dedicated drain cleaning vehicle with the most advanced sewer drain cleaning equipment on board. With our high pressure water jet machine running off trusty and well known KUBOTA engines, with 5000 psi of pressure and the jet nozzles, the blockage does not stand a chance. This form of drain cleaning is a lot cleaner and allows us to get to the point of entry with a light hose reel. Making those hard to reach places a lot easier to access.

We also provide sewer location and video camera footage of our drain cleaning services in Logan. We can pin point the location and record photos and film footage, giving our clients the exact cause and where abouts of the blocked drains. From there, we can provide a quote for repair and any further solutions for drain cleaning in Logan.

What Causes Blocked Drains?

Over the many years of cleaning drains, we find that 95% of the time the blockages are caused by tree roots. The tree roots gain access through a broken or damaged pipe, which is caused by earth movement. It sheers the pipe or bends it, creating a cracked or broken pipe, leaving access where the tree roots then gain access inside the pipe.

When cleaning the drain, our high pressure water jet machine blasts through the blockage with the jet nozzle, and then a cutting nozzle is used to remove the tree roots and leave a clear path. As in most cases the pipe is broken and drain cleaning is only a temporary solution as the tree roots will eventually grow back within a year or so. The permanent solution is to dig up the damaged section and replace with new drainage pipe. There are also other means of fixing and performing drain cleaning in Logan. Please feel free to ask our professional trade person.